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“Ahhhhhh,” she let out a long slow sigh as I removed my cock from her ass. This time she wasn’t quite so bold and hung her head crying, letting her tears fall to the floor.

It probably would’ve been hard to imagine another instant in her life where she had felt so helpless.

She tried to struggle, as she knew I was about to fasten it into her mouth.

After a few minutes however, I had the device secured around her head and her mouth was shaped in an inviting o-shape.

Of course, I wasn’t about to show her the slightest bit of mercy.

She was mine whether she wanted to accept it or not, and I was going to enjoy my prize in any way I thought would satisfy my dark desires.

She ran all of about five feet before being jerked back suddenly by the chain and falling on her ass. I then operated another lever, causing her arms to be forced up almost perpendicular to her shoulders, at the same time causing her to lean forward in a very uncomfortable position.

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Breaking Sofia By: Doctor Doom Celeb: Sofia Vergara Codes: MF, Mdom, viol, rape, humil, tort, bond, toys, oral, anal Disclaimer: This is total fantasy.“Ooooh, that’s right,” I moaned and slowly started thrusting my hips forward into her mouth.