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‘That’s the trouble with India: what about the important stuff that needs sorting?Unlike An Idiot Abroad, which had a similar premise, The Moaning of Life sees Pilkington actually choosing to visit other countries in order to see how they face up to some of life's biggest issues with their cultures and customs.The series was released in the United Kingdom on DVD and Blu-ray on 18 November 2013.Discovery Communications' Science began broadcasting The Moaning of Life in North America on 18 January 2014.Obviously realising they were on to a good thing with An Idiot Abroad, Sky has unchained Pilkington from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant to roam on his own.The Moaning Of Life is a theme park of despair and indignation with the first subject, marriage, giving Pilkington plenty to get off his implausibly hairy chest. His search for the motives behind marital union took him to arranged extravaganzas in India, kitsch chapels in Las Vegas and – straying from the nuptial path – to a pheromone party in Los Angeles where he had a high old time sniffing undies to scent out a potential partner.Sky1 postponed the fifth and final episode – "Death", which sees Pilkington in the Philippines contemplating death with locals – after Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in early November 2013.

Finally, he visits the United States, where he hires two adult dwarf actors to pretend to be young children for a young couple who are considering having kids.

Although Karl has been with his girlfriend Suzanne for 20 years, he has never felt a need to marry her.

He travels abroad to witness how other cultures handle marriage and see if he is missing something.

He went to the heart of the matter at a lavish Indian ceremony.

‘My job is to make sure the groom’s hat is on straight – that’s when you know an event is overstaffed,’ he mind-boggled.

Lastly, he spends a day with Daniel Suelo, who gave up his worldly possessions and finds happiness in a homeless lifestyle. He attends a traditional fertility festival and goes to a doctor to have his sperm tested.

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