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28-Aug-2017 09:19

I totally understand that for Hiddleston and Cumberbatch because they're straight, and even Armitage to an extent because that's not 100 percent clear, but to be pissed about a Lee Pace thread on a gay board is really fucking dumb. I know that really fucking bothers you, but please go whine about it on tumblr with the rest of your kind and leave us alone. Your oblivious rantings make the cum churn in my ample balls.

Tell me more about fan girls and trolls and your oblivious opinions on someone you don't know.

He's gone back in the closet as well and his niceness just seems so forced and fake.

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you can look in whatever resolution you wish it is the same exact fabric. They've been sharing clothes all the time, there's tons of evidence. (BTW: Richard's not a greaseball, the hair is for a role he's currently playing. I don't have any actual fact to base that on, but that's what Tumblr thinks so that's what I think. These are actually two great men you're targeting in your fantasies, and it's fine to fantasize, but seriously, take it down a notch.

Now, show me a picture of Lee wearing one of Richard's prized leather jackets and then I will be a be LEEver.

R46, that picture, even at a lower resolution, I still see the same differences.

That's exactly how things went in New Zealand so we can close this case.

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R113 Idk why but I really really don't like Luke Evans.

LOL @ the queen upthread trying to conduct paleofabricology using paparazzi photos--get a grip gurr!

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