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04-Sep-2017 18:48

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Lathem eventually decided they'd kill his boyfriend, Cornell-Duranleau, Toller said, and Warren agreed.Lathem "lured" Cornell-Duranleau to his River North apartment, where video showed them going into the building together, Toller said.After Cornell-Duranleau went to sleep, Lathem sent a text message to Warren telling him it was time to kill Cornell-Duranleau and Warren should come over, Toller said.

I noted in the piece that while the idea might sound far-fetched, the technology already exists, and it might even be legal.

Wyndham Lathem — fired from the prestigious Evanston university after his role in the murder was alleged — plotted the grisly night with a British man, Andrew Warren, in an online chatroom for months before the slaying, prosecutors said during a bond court hearing Sunday.

Those conversations eventually led to the two stabbing Lathem's boyfriend, 26-year-old Trenton Cornell-Duranleau, 70 times while the man slept, prosecutors said. " Cornell-Duranleau asked after awaking during the attack, prosecutors said.

In Facebook’s case, the scanning hasn’t stirred outrage—probably because it seems to be focused on catching sexual predators.

There are two reasons why online predators make sense as an initial target for automatic-monitoring algorithms.

First, soliciting sex with a minor on the Internet is a crime in itself, not just a prelude to a crime (like, say, searching Google for ways to murder someone in their sleep).