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05-Sep-2017 22:08

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You want to control how you smell, rather than focusing on replacing it.

Basic hygiene and grooming are critical; the number of people who seem to think that showers are optional is astounding.

This means taking care of your skin, your hair and your clothes.

Zit and/or grime-riddled skin does not inspire someone to think about wanting it near their face or mouth.

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Well, that means you can make yourself into that sexy love machine you’ve always wanted to be. One part of your presentation – and one that I always see nerds struggling with – is in clothing.

This is a smart way to find safe, no viruses, no malware, porn websites.Greasy, tangled or messy hair means that people won’t want to run their fingers through it.Stained and ragged clothes don’t get torn off and thrown to the floor in paroxysms of lust.Last week we talked about part of how somebody can get the sex they want without relying on douchebaggery.

This week, we’re going to continue that trend and talk about how guys can learn to become sexier.

It continues to boggle my mind how many people pay next to no attention to how they smell.