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If only someone could come along and open your heart to the great, wondrous adventure of life...Have no fear, the is here to give new meaning to the male hero's life!Compare Cloudcuckoolander, Genki Girl, Perky Goth, Uptight Loves Wild, Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl, Pom-Pom Girl for similar personality roles.May also overlap with Trickster Girlfriend if she enjoys playing tricks on the protagonist and deliberately misleading him just for the fun of it.Unfortunately, the term ended up being misused to describe simply quirky female characters, with many who are actually well-rounded being given this label.

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The new film, with a working title of Nothing Like A Dame, was commissioned by BBC executive Mark Bell.

'It was Joan Plowright who said that to me: "There are always parts, but Judi gets her paws on them first".'Indeed, Dame Judi is about to appear on the big screen as Queen Victoria in Victoria and Abdul, a film about the monarch's little-known friendship with an Indian servant named Abdul Karim following the death of her husband.