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However the shot is often played with a dropped wrist (adducted) as sidespin can easily be initiated when the racket is brought round the outside of the ball instead of over the top.

In the case of sidespin the racket will normally start behind the body and is best played against a ball that is a little wide of the outside knee.

The wrist may be adducted (dropped) throughout the stroke but remains constant and is not used in the stroke.

The left elbow can begin the shot to bring in good rotation and to use both sides of the body and thus guard against injury to the back.

There will be a little knee lift, a little body rotation and fast forearm extension.

It is this forearm extension and use of the wrist which give maximum spin.

The elbow of the short free arm should be used as a counter-lever to accelerate angular velocity.

The right shoulder is dropped prior to contact and there is strong body rotation and knee lift, the weight being brought forward from the back to the front foot for speed and power.The body should be shifted forward under the ball and the prime racket angle will be upwards emphasizing spin rather than speed.There will be pronounced knee lift, limited rotation and transfer of weight and a rocking action of the shoulders.The wrist is not used in the stroke as the prime force is exerted through body rotation and from the shoulder.

The long, trailing bat arm is accelerated through the shot and the free arm is utilized as a counter-lever and balance-assist to aid rotational speed.

It is more difficult than the fast loop to block or to counter-loop (Magnus effect) and is particularly effective against the heavy spin choppers.

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