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Such systems of abbreviation form the basis of stenography (Gk.stenos or narrow graphos or writing), brachygraphy (short writing) and tachygraphy (swift writing).Contained in the microtext of The Wabanaki Indian Collection is a 1929 letter from Prof. Speck (Pennsylvania, Chair of Anthropology) giving the Mi’kmaq-Récollet prayer book to the University of Pennsylvania.Speck was one of Franz Boaz’s first students and is highly regarded for his sensible fieldwork.Smaller, manageable, and with 21 centimeters (or 8.3 inches) being the approximate size of today’s paperbacks, favoring a measured area seems required.Either interpretation wouldn’t assist with determining if the “21X24″ is typed on the original manuscript or printed in a font different from the other printed material.

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It was based on cursive writing rather than the geometric style used by Pitman. I had originally offered to pay a fee for a couple of photocopies or higher priced scans, but was politely told that the written-in blank lined notebook was too fragile and that I should request the microfilm of The Wabanaki Indian Collection, which includes the “Micmac Ms.” The microfilm took a week to arrive and I spent a couple of enjoyable hours in the BPL’s Microtext Department reading and admiring the collection. The name Miʹk‛mα is evidently, though obscurely, related to the term Mi‛kαmwe’s referring to a class of dwarf-like supernaturally gifted human creatures who inhabit the dense woods.The background information provided in the letter is meager and easily misinterpreted.Mailed from Gloucester, MA could indicate a purchase in New York, Connecticut or Rhode Island in one direction and New Hampshire, Maine or Canada in the other.One interpretation could allow X to represent multiplication, an exercise which produces 504, but such a somewhat high number could be almost anything and seems not to indicate further speculation.

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Another interpretation, one which allows the X to represent measurement with the numerals applied as centimeters, perhaps defining the blank space of the original document, produces an area of potentially small size.I’d rashly assumed that this was some previously unknown interim form of the Mi’kmaq-Récollet script which had emerged between the 1670s, when the Récollet missionary, Fr.