Vs 2016 updating intellisense slow

06-Aug-2017 14:34

May be you do improve in those platforms, or may those are fanboys. Btw, the project already uses precompiled headers, since the usual response I see on the web is to turn them on: Intel Core 2 Quad Core Extreme QX9650 @3Ghz, 4GB RAM. I’m not being fully fair here, since VS 2012 does produce better code than 2008; however GCC and Clang produce code of comparable quality, yet they take considerably less time. Clang, GCC and VC 2008 will always be faster in comparison.

Not to mention VS2012 uses more RAM, which automatically means it can’t scale as well as the others will (it fights Moore’s Law).

Also, VS 2013 is still very new, so I will talk mostly about my experience with VS 2012.

Autocomplete and highlighting are too, but a C programmer would trade those two for Go to Definition almost any day.